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If you are a reader of this blog you are likely to be either:

A person wishing to learn more about self-defence.

A person wanting to learn more about Defence Lab

Or a martial arts/ self-defence instructor who is looking to expand their knowledge.

Either way is great because that shows you have an open mind to learning and in today’s article, I am going to share with you some details about the ‘Secret Techniques of Defence Lab’.


How The Police Learned Defence Lab

If you are unaware, my first involvement with Andy Norman’s fighting systems came way back in 2007 when I was still working as a police officer.

I was at that point hugely experienced in self-defence and martial arts along with real violence.

And so the then known KFM (of which Andy Co-Founded) was my first experience of what would eventually form into Defence Lab.

I booked a seminar for a range of police staff and was trained that day by a variety of Andy’s top instructors including Paul ‘Demolition Man’ Strauther and James Boyles.

The whole room of experienced police staff (who had all trained in Martial Arts) was blown away.

This lead to further seminars and many of the techniques found their way into the police training because they worked.

In case you on unaware, for a technique to be taught by police training staff to police officers requires it to undergo a range of tests.

First, the training staff will see the technique taught and then they will pressure test it.

They go into car parks and test techniques against full force (while wearing safety gear).

What they teach must be able to work for anyone after a small amount of training, in any environment.

After all, lives depend on this.


The Bad Copies

Over the years the success and credibility of Defence Lab have to lead to a lot of people watching the videos that the team produce and trying to copy them and give them a name of their own.

The problem with this is that you can copy something, but unless you understand the application thoroughly you tend to miss out on many of the crucial details.

And this, of course, has lead to many people getting the ‘WRONG’ idea around Defence Lab and the techniques they use/ teach.

And most of the people copying have never even purchased any of the Defence Lab online training. They are literally copying techniques based on a  few minutes of YouTube or Facebook video.

But this is the sad thing, they still never learn the ‘secret techniques’ of Defence Lab.


So What Are These Secret Techniques?

Ok, I know by now you might be wondering what makes Defence Lab so efficient and what are these ‘secret techniques’ I talk about?

Here we go:

Secret Number 1:

Defence Lab has two clear parts: The techniques and the way they are trained.

The techniques are the core of the power of DL.

These techniques have passed thousands of rounds of scrutiny and tests inside the ‘Lab’. They are designed to work against multiple opponents, blades and much more.

The training delivery is equally important.

Every technique builds on the pillars of the last and Defence Lab students are able to learn practical self-defence in an extremely short period of time.

It is a key aspect missed by many ‘copying’ DL.


Secret Number 2:

Body Mechanics.

The way the body generates power is an area where Andy Norman has spent a lot of studies, in fact, it is not uncommon for people to remark that Defence Lab students look to have the movement of a young Mike Tyson.

That is no coincidence.

Tyson was known for his incredible power and use of great leverage.

This is an area Defence Lab students spend a lot of time working on and every technique taught maximises every bit of power the body has.

The result is that even techniques that do not look impactive are, which is another issue with people copying techniques. Unless you understand how to add power to the methods, they just won’t work.


Secret Number 3:

The Art Of Defence

You will be aware that Defence Lab has a strong focus on Defence in attack.

This is a guiding principle, and if you look at any number of youtube videos, you will see a person get knocked out by the attacker they didn’t see on the sides or rear.

The use of body movement, shapes and traps allows DL students to deliver their techniques in relative safety.


Secret Number 4:

Earth shattering power

There is no substitute for power in self-defence.

Sure weapons are the equaliser, but when it comes to hand to hand combat you need to strike with power that ‘would rattle their ancestors’.

Andy Norman knows this, and you will find that the techniques we use are geared for maximum power.

Whether it is sitting down, on the ground, standing or even sitting at a table, the aim is destruction.


Secret 5:

Testing and Evolution

The world is an ever-changing place, and for this reason, you need to constantly review what you are being taught/ teaching to others.

Could there be a better way? Could this technique be made more effective?

Andy and his team located in Spain are constantly reviewing street fights, speaking to students and gaining feedback.

This is what the Lab part of Defence Lab is all about.

These technical improvements are then handed down to instructors who in turn pass them onto students.

It is this process that keeps Defence Lab ‘on top.’



Defence Lab’s success is no accident. It is built after thousands of hours of research and study.

Tested by the best and even used by the Police.

Now you can have access to Defence Lab. Either online or at a local training facility or even become an instructor yourself.

There is a ‘secret sauce ‘ to Defence Lab and the ONLY way to experience and benefit from this is to join the Defence Lab world.

We look forward to seeing you inside.


Thanks for reading.

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