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The worst place in the world is when you are being attacked.

The country or location never really matter.

You can be in the USA and get attacked in your own neighbourhood or be on your summer holidays in Spain.

It is that moment that things go ‘real’.

You are there, with no one to help you.

Possibly surrounded by people who want nothing more than to see you bleed, to see your face turn to mush and watch your teeth shatter.

And yet despite this, there is an even more lonely and terrifying place to be in self-defence.

It is the last place you would ever want to find yourself, and yet many put themselves there, with little or no combat options.

And today we will take an in-depth look at the worst place you would ever find yourself.


The Crowd

When being attacked by a group, there is severe risk.

And when you are surrounded by a group who want to destroy you there are only a few options.

  1. You manage to escape
  2. You manage to fight back enough for them to stop.
  3. They beat you badly and then stop
  4. They kill you.
  5. Someone intervenes (police etc.).

Being in any attack situation is bad enough but being in a group one is the scariest thing imaginable.

But wait it can get worse!


Being On The Ground In A Group Attack

There is no doubt, being on the ground in a group attack situation is perhaps the worst place in the world you can be.

On the ground, you struggle to move.

On the ground, you struggle to protect yourself.

And on the ground, you are in the prime location with their most powerful weapon, the legs.

The legs are the strongest muscles we have, but unless an attacker is skilled in kicking, they are rarely any good as an offensive weapon.

That is until you end up on the ground.

And this is the core argument of the article, anyone who goes to the ground against a group of attackers not only stacks the deck even further against themselves yet also massively increases the ability of the attacker to harm you.

Think about it….

Let us take an example.

You are walking home with your partner after a date night in Swindon.

A group of lads are stood in the car park acting like yobs, drinking booze etc and you start to get your Spidey sense tingling.

Suddenly they throw a beer bottle, and it hits your partner in the head, cutting them on the face.

Searing with rage, you shout at them, but this is the invite they are looking for.

They run over and without warning, they punch you straight in the face.

You are dazed, but luckily, you have been training in MMA for the last year, so being punched in the face is something you are used to.

But then it happens, the punches start flowing in from all directions, the back, the side and the front, you cover and block a few, but your head starts to lower.

And you spot your chance; you see the legs.

And something you have drilled a thousand times before clicks in, you bend lower and execute a perfect and powerful double leg takedown.

Success fills you with a smug feeling that is shattered when you get kicked in the face by one of the others.

Dazed and out of control the man you took down gets up, and you feel something sharp in your mouth. It is one of your teeth that you spit out.

And then you feel it, punches rained down, kicks and stomps landing at a rate you can’t count.

This is, of course, a fictional account but the fact is YOU WILL FIGHT HOW YOU TRAIN.

Practise makes permanent and not perfect.

And this was something that scared me to death BEFORE Defence Lab.

I was training as a boxer and a grappler and felt that I would have gone to the ground in a group fight, not out of choice but out of instinct.


It Is Not Just The Grapplers

Ok so it does not matter if you are a grappler or an MMA fighter, it is actually far more common than you think to see people put themselves on the ground in a fight.

In observing thousands of real incidents personally and on CCTV I have seen human nature in violence ‘up close’.

And guess what…’we are natural clingers’.

Yes, we love to grab people and bring them in close and pull them to the ground.

I am no behavioural scientist but I believe this is a natural thing, we want to bring our prey close, pull it to the ground where we can dispatch it quickly.

And especially if we are getting hurt, we tend to grab hold of the attackers.

Just look at boxers, when they are hurt, they clinch and seek to hold and often this causes them to fall to the floor.


How To Solve This

Have you heard about Pavlov’s dogs?

If you haven’t, it was a study made in the 1890’s by Ivan Pavlov.

he discovered that he could ‘train’ his dogs to salivate not by the sight of food but by an association such as a bell.

And yes, when the bell rang the dogs salivated.

Well, you are no dog, but as humans, we also can be conditioned to act in a certain way.

That is what training does for you.

And yes, if you are training to take people down, you will do this FOR REAL if the opportunity presents itself in the heat of battle.

Yet there is a method to solve this.

You need to train to fight against group attacks.

Sounds easy, well trust me it is not.

This is the simple premise that encouraged me to seek out Defence Lab and Andy Norman all those years ago.

It wasn’t just the fact that Defence Lab Swindon had a range of amazing techniques to choose learn, it was because they trained to deal with the WORST situation you can be in, surrounded by a group and also on the floor and surrounded by a  group.

It is THE TRAINING that made this even more worthwhile because it was a reality check, you got to feel what it was like being surrounded.

You got to grasp just how vulnerable you are and how leaky your defence was.

And now I urge you to do the same.

Defence Lab Swindon changed how I thought about self-defence and also how I trained in self-defence.

Learn online, train in a Lab or with friends, the choice is yours, but above all else, you MUST train.

Being into sports Martial Arts is great, you WILL pick up skills you can use for personal safety. However, when faced with reality you might also be training techniques that will get you into more trouble, techniques that are not usable in the street when faced with multiple attackers.

So check out our full range of our training and start to investigate the complex world of self-defence.


Thanks for reading.

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