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When I went to his house to take a statement, I was in shock.

There he stood, not the usual victim of an assault that I was used to seeing as a Police Office, but a huge mountain of a man.

Standing 6 ft 5 inches tall and weighing at least 18 stone, he shook my hand, and for the first time, my hands felt child-sized compared to his.

How could this man be a victim of an assualt? And then the next thing happened, he told me the ages of his assailants.

A group of males aged from 15 to 18 years of age.

Surely he was making this all up.

Surely he was telling lies.

But then he showed me the CCTV outside his house, the system he had installed when he was having issues with the local youths throwing eggs at his home.

The CCTV showed the group attacking this man-mountain, like a pack of Hyena, pecking at him first with strikes, moving too fast for him to grab before finally dragging him to the ground where they rained down with punches and kicks.

All untrained and all unskilled yet defeated a man twice their size and age.

And in this article, we will look at the kids who are a threat to adults.

Half Of Adults Think Youths Carry Knives

In a recent survey in Britain, over 1000 adults were asked if they thought youths were carrying knives to protect themselves and more than half agreed.

This paints a scary picture of the world our children are growing up in Swindon but much more than that it is a culture shift.

Here is what I was told as a youngster.

  • You should only fight one on one.
  • You shouldn’t use a knife, knives are for weak people.
  • If you have a problem with someone, take it to the boxing club.

Here is what youths today see as acceptable.

  • Attacking someone with others is a good plan.
  • Carry a knife because others do
  • “I don’t need to go boxing, I’m too tough”.

I am, of course generalising here, with no proof, but I think you will agree that things are not right within the youth culture of today.

So what is the answer?

Simple, you need to deal with what I call ‘Overtaking Skill’.

How Skill Overtaking Can Affect Your Ability To Protect Yourself

You train hard to learn how to protect yourself. You are skilled, fit and ready to fight.

There is just one problem….skill overtaking.

So, what is skill overtaking?

It is simply the term I use to describe people who use tactics to overcome people that are more highly trained/ larger, stronger fitter than they are.

Just as in the tall male that was attacked by the youths.

It might be that your skill is countered by the attackers using a weapon, attacking in large numbers, attacking from behind, pulling your jacket over your head or any other tactic they can think of.

In simple terms, they aim to take your physical attributes and render them useless or less useful.

And this is the psychology of a lot of criminals and gangs.

This was displayed more recently in London with the rise of moped crime, where criminals would use moped or motorscooters to commit crime and attack victims and then dart off.

So, how can you deal with this?

Train For Real Self Defence

Do you know how many martial arts train for modern self-defence situations?

Virtually none.

Most are still doing Kata, and others are busy training high flying kicks or fancy moves!

This isn’t what self-defence is in 2019. Self Defence is an urban arena where criminals are looking to steal and assault you and do so in the most clinical and strategic manner possible.

And this means you need to be prepared for that arena.

Enter Defence Lab Swindon: The self-defence training system that has been built for the modern world.

In our system, we train to deal with the worst situations from day 1.

And it is this that makes our training sort after and even taught to police forces across the globe including the UK police force.

From our revolutionary ground self-defence drills to our multiple attacker scenario training, Defence Lab Swindon has it all.

And even better you can train at Defence Lab Swindon or online via our online training platform.


The criminal youth of today are not worried about rules, regulations and fair play, so you need to train in a system that is built to deal with modern criminals.

And that system is Defence Lab Swindon.

Thanks for reading.

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