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"A friendly, fun, support environment where small or big, young or old, male or female, beginners and advanced people are very welcome!"

about our self defence & fitness program

Adult Martial Arts Self Defence programme devised by Defence Lab Swindon is an EVOLVED Self Defence System that has, in truth, been evolving continuously over the past 30 years A consequence of real-life experiences, pressure testing, researching and investigating, and ultimately trying to answer that never ending question,
"does it work?"

what is the most powerful human instinct?
answer: to survive.......

We live in an ever changing world. Things are constantly changing and progressing all around us. Laws have changed, people are smarter, fighting skills are more common and abilities are no different… they are evolving all the time. We all need to adapt to the changes that are occurring within our communities, especially with regards to self-preservation of ourselves and our loved ones.

"does it really work?"
this is the most important question.

This self defence, martial arts is the result 20+ years of experience, 1000s of hours training, countless real-world “experiences” aka fights, and ensuring that no matter what, we ask and TRY SOLVE the question

DNA Fight Science is NOT just another “self-defence system”.

our speciality: close quarters combat.

“Our specialty is close quarter” This martial arts program does cover all ranges of combat, no question there. My objective over the years has been to develop a processes that enable us to perform under pressure in close quarters.

learn it, fatigue it, stress it out.

This is our model for training Adults Self Defence & Fitness System.

There are 3 steps to fully learning how to be able to defend yourself using the DNA System.

  1. LEARN IT You first learn and understand how the techniques and moves work.
  2. FATIGUE IT – You will drill and train the moves until you develop the muscle memory.
  3. STRESS IT OUT – This is MOST Important and what makes DL different than any other “martial art”.  We learn to function under stress!

with this program - our students develop into incredible self defence machines!

all our instructors are fully qualified, first aid trained, dbs checked and pli cover.