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Women’s Self Defence & Safety Workshop

Defence Lab is a valuable and well proven tool to increase women’s safety and prevent assaults at all cost.

Unfortunately, too many women have been taught to believe that they “can’t” defend themselves, or that “fighting back doesn’t do any good” against an attack.

This is not true and it’s time to transform mentalities.

“Women don’t need men to protect them; Women need to be empowered”



Self-protection is also about prevention, learning how to set and enforce boundaries, assert yourself and safely de-escalate situations. As far as techniques go, there is no difference between self-defence for women and men. Simply because in the end, whether you’re a guy or a girl, it’s always about fighting against a bigger, stronger aggressor.

In the last couple of weeks, I came across cases like this here.

You want to learn something different, not your standard traditional martial arts techniques something that works in tight spaces or even in the corner of a room, elevator, club or on the street?? Against one or several opponents??

Something even the metropolitan police learns??

That is where we come in.

About the DNA Fight Science

The system emphasises functionality, simplicity and superb head protection rather than strength. It’s based on quick reactions, good techniques and swift movements. This makes it particularly adapted against bigger and stronger opponents. Techniques are built upon the body’s natural instincts and are easy to assimilate and apply regardless of age, gender, athletic attributes or body type. In other words, it’s practical and functional. We cover all positions from lying down, seating, kneeling and standing. We specialise in dealing with multiple attackers which is getting far more common. The program we teach is called DNA Fight Science (Defence & Attack). This is a phenomenal training system which will teach you what you need to know physically, mentally and emotionally to a whole new level to survive!

This is a great opportunity for ladies to train together learning this program having terrific fun, intense cardio workout and you will learn something that could potentially save your lives!

Simply contact me to book your group workshop at your time and location where you can learn this program sharing the experience with your friends.